I accept commissions in oils, graphite, watercolour and mixed media.

Pricing is dependent on the media chosen, the size and complexity of the work.  As most of my commissioned work is undertaken based solely upon reference photographs supplied by the client, the quality of the photos from which you’d like me to work is also a consideration.

Only finest (artists’) quality materials are used, and I work closely with each client, to ensure that the work is precisely as they wish it,  before I consider it “finished”.  I have many satisfied return clients, worldwide.

A 25% deposit is required when the order is placed, the balance to be paid once you have previewed the finished piece online.

Where requested, I can also undertake framing, so that a picutre will arrive ready to hang and enjoy.

Finish time will depend upon my workload, with the time before Christmas being especially busy. I will try my best to accommodate your request as quickly as possible.

All images remain copyright of the artist.