“What a pleasure it was to work with someone who truly KNOWS horses! The muscles and veins and the underlying bone structure are things you can only learn from years of being with these animals. And the love of your subject is evident in every stroke of the brush.”
M B – Maryland, USA

“We are thrilled with [our portrait]! [Beth] was so easy to work with – from planning and deciding on a pose …
[to] using lots of different photographs in a way that brought our beloved pet to life again. The process could not have been more easy, and the result exceeds our expectations.”
S & D W. – Virginia, USA

“The name ‘Munnings’ is pure magic in the world of sporting art. We are proud to have our own, original drawing … signed with that special name, and with the talent and knowledge that go along with it.”
R A – California, USA

“I feel like I could reach out and touch the fur, and it would feel as soft and as real as it looks.”
L S – England

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw the picture – it looked exactly like our [pony]! When we saw the actual painting, we realized that the photographs you sent hadn’t even done it justice. What an amazing talent!”
D W – Ontario, Canada

“I love the painting. Enjoy it every day!”
A R – Florida, USA

“It’s really difficult to paint a grey horse well. [Beth] managed to do it so very well…. [All] the violets and yellows and pinks blend to make the painting come alive.”

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S R – Pennsylvania, USA

“I received [the painting] yesterday, and I absolutely love it. It was just meant to be. Thank-you so much and thank-you for your patience too. You’re blessed with a wonderful talent.”
L K – California, USA

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“There are many good artists, and then there is Beth, who not only painted a flawless work of art, but captured the essence of the moment. When my daughter received the news her beloved show horse would never be ridden again, she was devastated. Beth gave her not just a painting of their cherished relationship, but a gift beyond measure.”

 DB – South Carolina, USA